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Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumor clinical trials at UC Irvine

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  • Combination Chemotherapy in Treating Patients With Non-Metastatic Extracranial Ewing Sarcoma

    Sorry, in progress, not accepting new patients

    This trial examined the outcome benefit to patients of adding a new chemotherapy drug combination to the established treatment approach for patients with extracranial Ewing sarcoma, that had not spread from the primary site to other places in the body. The trial randomly assigned patients at the time of study entry to receive established standard treatment with the following 5-drugs: vincristine sulfate, doxorubicin hydrochloride, cyclophosphamide, ifosfamide and etoposide. The outcome for patients receiving the standard 5-drug combination was compared to the outcome for patients who received the same 5-drugs with an additional drug, topotecan hydrochloride delivered in a novel combination with vincristine sulfate and cyclophosphamide.

    Orange, California and other locations