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Mental Health clinical trials at UC Irvine

4 research studies open to eligible people

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  • Emotion-Diet Interactions in Pregnancy

    open to eligible females ages 18-40

    This study will investigate how maternal emotional state following a controlled stress exposure in pregnancy influences blood glucose and insulin levels after eating a standardized meal, and whether the effects of emotional state on blood glucose and insulin is different after eating a healthy meal (low GI) compared to a less healthy meal (high GI).

    Irvine, California and other locations

  • Evaluating a Single-Session Intervention for Loneliness

    open to eligible people ages 16 years and up

    The goal of this study is to examine the efficacy of an online single-session intervention (SSI) for loneliness. It aims to answer is if a 20-30 minute online SSI based on an evidence-based internet cognitive behavioral therapy can reduce feelings of loneliness among lonely people. type of study: clinical trial participant population/health conditions: English-speakers aged 16 and older with access to internet and a computer, smartphone, or tablet who meet our criteria for struggling with loneliness. Researchers will compare a 30-minute digital loneliness SSI to a 3-week loneliness digital mental health intervention (DMHI) and a control SSI in their efficacy in reducing loneliness.

    Irvine, California

  • The Impact of 8 Weeks of a Digital Meditation Application on Work Stress

    open to eligible people ages 18 years and up

    The aim of this study is to test the effects of a digital meditation intervention in a sample University of California, Irvine (UCI) employees who report mild to moderate stress. UCI employees will be randomized to either 8-weeks of a digital meditation intervention (using the commercially available application Headspace) or a waitlist control condition.

    Irvine, California

  • Ethnic Influences on Stress, Energy Balance and Obesity in Adolescents

    open to eligible females ages 13-17

    The study will examine the mechanisms linking race, stress and biobehavioral factors to energy balance and obesity in both natural and controlled environments in African-American and Caucasian adolescent females. A Hispanic/Latina cohort has recently been added with permission for the sponsor.

    Irvine, California

Our lead scientists for Mental Health research studies include .

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