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Menopause clinical trials at UC Irvine

1 research study open to eligible people

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  • Continuous Monitoring and Management of Vaginal Health Via Multifunctional OCT/OCTA/OCE Endoscopy

    open to eligible females ages 18 years and up

    We have recently developed and optimized a vaginal Optical Coherence tomography/angiography endoscopy imaging system. This technology is able to obtain a comprehensive image of the vaginal epithelium, blood vessels, and lamina propria. The primary focus of this study is establishing the Optical Coherence Tomography system's capability of capturing vaginal changes that occur before and after menopause, as well as before and after treatment with fractional-CO2 laser therapy. There are two aims of this study. Aim 1: 1. To determine the feasibility and sensitivity of the integrated optical coherence endoscope to assess vaginal tissue integrity in pre, peri and postmenopausal women. Aim 2: To optically visualize the effects of fractional-CO2 laser treatment on vaginal tissue over the course of C02 vaginal laser therapy.

    Costa Mesa, California

Our lead scientists for Menopause research studies include .

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