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The Effects of Exercise on Executive Functions clinical trials at UC Irvine

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  • The Effects of Exercise on Executive Functions

    open to eligible people ages 10-15

    The purpose of this research is to develop an assessment protocol that can be used to study the effect of different intensities of exercise on executive functions (EF: attention, working memory, inhibition, and cognitive flexibility). It has been shown that exercise has the potential to improve the development of EF in healthy and special needs children. However, many exercise interventions in the literature lack rigorous control of critical components, such as intensity, making it difficult to draw conclusions about what type and how much exercise might be most beneficial for EF. In addition, to date, no studies have been able to demonstrate the engagement of EF during exercise. This study will focus on developing an assay that measures important self-regulation or EF sub-processes (e.g., attention and inhibitory control) as well as examining engagement of these targets during different exercise intensities. Participants will exercise in different intensities on a cycle ergometer and perform cognitive assessments before, during, and after exercise to evaluate EF. This research will allow us to develop an assessment protocol that can be used in future research to understand the underlying mechanisms underpinning the effects of exercise on EF.

    Irvine, California

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