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Brain Injuries clinical trials at UC Irvine
2 in progress, 0 open to eligible people

  • A Study of Brain Aging in Vietnam War Veterans

    Sorry, not currently recruiting here

    Traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are common combat related problems and may be associated with a greater risk of Alzheimer's disease (AD). The purpose of this study is to examine the possible connections between TBI and PTSD, and the signs and symptoms of AD on Veterans as they age. The information collected will help to learn more about how these injuries may affect Veterans of the Vietnam War as they grow older, as well as Veterans of the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, who also have these types of combat related injuries.

    Irvine, California and other locations

  • Controlled MAP Trauma Brain Injury (COMAT Study)

    Sorry, not yet accepting patients

    The goal of this randomized controlled trial will be to show that the use of a novel automated system to guide vasopressor administration in head trauma injury patients will results in more time spent with a mean arterial pressure (MAP) within the predefined MAP (+/- 5 mmHg of the target MAP) compared to patients managed without any automated system (manually management)

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